Lorde Wants Fans To Kiss Westboro Baptist Church Members Outside Her Concert

The Westboro Baptist Church plans to boycott Lorde’s upcoming concert, and Lorde wants them to be welcomed appropriately — obviously.

1. Westboro Baptist Church announced a picket of Lorde’s concert in Kansas City in a blog post on

Lorde’s show is set for March 21 at the Midland Theater.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images


2. The Westboro post stated: “New Zealand came forth with a young lassie that doesn’t have enough sense to put in a thimble.”

Fiona Goodall / Getty Images

3. When Lorde heard about the picket, she responded in her trademark no-nonsense manner…

4. … by instructing everyone to wear rainbow and give members of the church a big kiss.

The 17-year-old musician has since deleted this series of tweets.

5. Pucker up?

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

6. Game, set, match: Lorde takes this one.

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