The Audition Tapes That Launched Celebrity Careers

Rare footage of celebrities auditioning for television and movie roles that would soon become their big break!

1. Miley Cyrus’ Audition for Hannah Montana

She’s just being Miley.

ID: 1049910

2. Ellen Page and Olivia Thirbly Screen Test for Juno

ID: 1049911

3. Blake Lively Auditions for Gossip Girl

ID: 1049912

4. Megan Fox Auditioning for Transformers

ID: 1049913

5. Emma Stone’s Audition for Easy A

Was she made for this role or what?

ID: 1049915

6. Hugh Jackman Auditions for Wolverine in X-men

ID: 1049921

7. Natalie Portman Auditions for Leon: The Professional

ID: 1049918

8. Russell Brand Auditioning for Forgetting Sarah Marshall

His ENITRE audition was improved

ID: 1049937

9. Alyson Hannigan’s Audition for American Pie

ID: 1049920

10. Robert De Niro Auditioning for The Godfather

ID: 1049923

11. Gabourey Sidibe’s Precious Audition

ID: 1049927

12. Steve Carrell’s Anchorman Audition

ID: 1049931

13. Rachel McAdam’s Infamous Audition for The Notebook

ID: 1049936

14. Gerard Butler Auditioning for Dracula 2000

ID: 1049938

15. Tobey Maguire’s Screen Test for Spiderman

ID: 1049942

16. Chris Colfer’s Glee Audition

ID: 1049944

17. Meryl Streep and Liev Schreiber’s Screentest for The Manchurian Candidate

ID: 1049951

18. Lindsay Lohan’s Screen Test for The Parent Trap

ID: 1049953

19. Christopher Mintz-Plasse Superbad Audition

This was his first audition, ever.

ID: 1049956

20. Selena Gomez’s Wizards of Waverly Place Audition

ID: 1049967

21. Jimmy Fallon’s Saturday Night Live Audition

ID: 1049960

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