23 Reasons Trader Joe’s Is The Best Grocery Store That Ever Was

Wegmans is OK, but do they have $3 wine and decorative totem poles? I think not.

1. Trader Joe’s is more than a grocery store. It is a tiki/trader-themed grocery experience.

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As in, “Trader” Joe travels around the world looking for delicious things…

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…then sells them to you in a store decked out like an old-school tiki bar.

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2. Where you’ll always receive a royal welcome.

Full disclosure: You’ll most likely only get lei’d if you’re at one of their stores on its opening day.

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3. They sell lots of random but excellent products that you didn’t know existed, but end up buying…

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4. …and then buying again every time you go.

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5. You’d be surprised how fast sweet coconut snacks become essential to your very existence.

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6. TJ’s also carries lots of things that seem obvious in retrospect, but that somehow no one else has.

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Just another amazing way to eat PB&J.

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7. Admit it, you find their in-store marketing endearing.


Flying bagels would be awesome.

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8. Whoever comes up with their product names should seriously consider competing at Punderdome.

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9. You could probably survive on their nut butters alone.

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There is currently a limit of two per customer. Seriously.

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11. They know that good things become great things when they’re covered in chocolate.

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12. Potato chips, for example.

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13. And bananas. Chocolate is an equal-opportunity coating at Trader Joe’s.

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14. Two-Buck Chuck? Game changer.

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15. OK, so it’s technically three bucks, but, still…

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16. Big spenders, feel free to splurge on their higher-end wines.

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17. Not a wino? That’s cool, there’s craft beer too.

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18. Also, Trader Joe has awesome friends. Baker Josef, Trader José, Trader Ming…

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19. Trader Joe-San, Trader Giotto, and Trader Jacques.


Actually kind of amazing that no one has called out how un-PC this is.

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20. It’s the little things, like the charming bell they use to make announcements instead of a P.A. system.

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21. And if you’re ever overwhelmed by the sheer volume of edible awesomeness, the employees are absurdly helpful.

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22. Why so nice? Probably because Trader Joe’s pays staff members really well. Another plus.

According to this 2010 CNN Money article, Trader Joe’s full-time crew members (the people that stock the shelves, ring up and bag groceries, and help customers in the aisles) can earn starting salaries between $40,000-$60,000 a year with benefits. Also, “Trader Joe’s annually contributes 15.4% of employees’ gross income to tax-deferred retirement accounts. By industry standards, that is A LOT.

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And yeah, the line can be long.

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23. But if that one sign-wielding employee can stand in it all day and smile the whole time, so can you.

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