14 Gorgeous Ways To Carry Around Knives

KITCHEN knives. If you like to cook and like to be equipped, you will understand.

Chefs love their knives. They carry them everywhere in knife rolls, which are bags designed to house a whole bunch of very sharp knives in the safest and most discreet way possible.

You may not think you need to carry around knives and other kitchen tools. But if you’re planning a blowout barbecue at your summer rental house, or a camping trip that will involve fireside cooking, you should consider getting a knife roll. The one above is good and basic and costs $44 here.

But if you want to upgrade your roll, or you’re ever in need of a gift for that amateur chef in your life who owns everything, here are some options.

1. The Classic Leather Knife Roll

Just another day at the office. Get it here.

2. The Girly Leather Knife Roll

Lady chefs, accessorize! Available here.

3. The Worn Leather Knife Roll

Just so that everyone knows you have been cooking for, like, ever.

Buy it.

4. The Knife Roll with the Weird Print

5. The Butcher’s Knife Roll

6. The Knife Roll That Comes with a Matching Apron

7. The Knife Roll That Actually Is an Apron

8. The Cat Lady Knife Roll

Meow. This one is homemade, but here for your inspiration.

9. The Pink Polka-Dot Knife Roll

Hello there, Kitchen Barbie. Get it here.

10. The Knife Roll That Looks Like a Tapestry

It’s sold out, but isn’t it awesome?

11. The Monogrammed Knife Roll

Kind of like that L.L.Bean backpack you had as a kid. Except, badass. Available here.

12. The Elkskin Knife Roll

13. The Canvas Knife Roll

Preppy chefs, get it here, then pair it with these canvas Crocs.

14. The Tactical Knife Bag

In addition to knives, it holds up to four iPhones. You know, because you need that. Available here.

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