21 Traumatic Middle School Memories No One Will Ever Forget

The horrific events that bond us all together.

1. Seeing your ALWAYS EMBARRASSING yearbook photo for the first time.

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2. When your body first showed signs it was plotting against you.

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3. The DEADLY combination of lunch period and braces.

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4. Seeing your crush holding hands with someone who WASN’T YOU.


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5. Trying to get the whole “slow dance” thing down.

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6. And grinding.

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7. The agony of getting dumped by THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE via their best friends.

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8. The stench of Axe mixed with body odor oozing from the boy’s locker room.

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9. The abrupt sexual awakening that came out of NOWHERE…

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10. … And having NO IDEA what to do with all the urges.

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11. Forgetting your locker combination AND YOU’RE ALREADY LATE.


For the nth time.

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12. The formation of cliques…

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13. …And resorting to extremes to fit in to the “cool” clique.

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14. Being the last to know about an embarassing nickname you were given.

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15. Learning about STDs in health class IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY.

What better way to prevent STD's than Pokemon? #DontCatchemAll #gvsu

— Phil of the Future (@FoletaRevis)
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16. Getting a note confiscated that was meant for your BFF’s EYES ONLY.

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17. The exact moment you realized you needed to start wearing deodorant on the daily.

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18. ANYTIME your parents would drop you off.

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19. Or chaperone a dance.

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20. That guy who always wrote something totally inappropriate in your yearbook.


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21. And the desperation to not be the last of your friends to get a first kiss.

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But hey, at least it wasn’t nearly traumatic as high school.

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