21 Times You Should’ve Known Better As The Younger Sibling

It’s not your fault you’re the favorite.

1. Thinking you’d EVER have a good night’s rest.

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2. Taking too long to make your birthday wish.

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3. Believing your siblings when they said “it’ll be fun.”

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4. Or “You won’t get hurt.”

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5. Basically, going along with any of their ideas.

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6. Taking a trip to the playground.

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7. Being the last to eat breakfast.

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8. Or the last to eat dessert.

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9. EVER thinking you could decorate your door.

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10. Agreeing to a makeover.

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11. Basically trusting. In general.

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12. Expressing your feelings.

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13. Accepting a birthday check.


ID: 3509007

14. Leaving your room unoccupied for even A SECOND.

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15. Leaving your personal belongings out.

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16. Or you most beloved toys.

ID: 3509184

17. Volunteering for any sort of idea that wasn’t yours.

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18. EVER bringing someone you like over for the first time.

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19. Attempting AT ALL to hang out with their friends.

ID: 3509062

20. Not being completely aware of your surroundings AT ALL times.

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21. And thinking you were EVER going to have a holly jolly Christmas.

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But at the end of the day, no matter how many times you should’ve known better, your older siblings always had your back.

And they always will.

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