21 Times You Should’ve Known Better As The Younger Sibling

It’s not your fault you’re the favorite.

1. Thinking you’d EVER have a good night’s rest.

2. Taking too long to make your birthday wish.

3. Believing your siblings when they said “it’ll be fun.”

4. Or “You won’t get hurt.”

5. Basically, going along with any of their ideas.

6. Taking a trip to the playground.

7. Being the last to eat breakfast.

8. Or the last to eat dessert.

9. EVER thinking you could decorate your door.

10. Agreeing to a makeover.

11. Basically trusting. In general.

12. Expressing your feelings.

13. Accepting a birthday check.


14. Leaving your room unoccupied for even A SECOND.

15. Leaving your personal belongings out.

16. Or you most beloved toys.

17. Volunteering for any sort of idea that wasn’t yours.

18. EVER bringing someone you like over for the first time.

19. Attempting AT ALL to hang out with their friends.

20. Not being completely aware of your surroundings AT ALL times.

21. And thinking you were EVER going to have a holly jolly Christmas.

But at the end of the day, no matter how many times you should’ve known better, your older siblings always had your back.

And they always will.

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