21 Struggles Of Being The Only Brother

Oh brother, where art thou?

1. Growing up with all sisters was like:

2. Every home video is filled with blackmail waiting to be used against you.

They told you to do it.

3. Your hand-me-down clothes never fit properly.

I wonder why.

4. The quick errands your mom always forced you to go on turned into a whole day of shopping.

So now you resent Target AND IT’S ALL THEIR FAULT.

Summit Entertainment / Via

5. The smell of nail polish brings back repressed memories.

And every other cosmetic product that has a scent.

6. Your action figures were constantly given makeovers.

“Go, Go Power…Barbie?”

kid_z / Via

7. You never learned how to play Battleship.

Because you only played Pretty, Pretty Princess.

8. You were banned from areas in YOUR OWN HOME during their “slumber parties.”

IN YOUR OWN DAMN HOME. / Via Warner Brothers

9. You were always blamed for cutting the cheese.


TLC / Via

10. You spent half of your Saturdays at cheerleading competitions.

Please, not another jock jam.

11. And the other half at Limited Too.

Life really isn’t fair.

12. You never had hot water when it came time to shower.

It wasn’t that bad after your whole body went numb.

FOX / Via

13. And the drain was constantly clogged with hair.


14. Your family was always late to everything.

Because they took years to get ready.

Paramount Pictures / Via

15. “How’s your sister doing?” was a trigger question from your guy friends that constantly sent you into attack mode.

Even if he was innocently wondering.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

16. There was always a boyfriend over, eating the limited supply of your favorite snacks.


20th Century Fox / Via

17. All of your pets had terrible names like “Sprinkles” or “Puppy.”

And they were tortured just as much as you.

18. The battle cries over clothes woke you up every morning.

Like, it’s just a cami. Calm down.

19. You could never watch what you wanted because a new teen soap was always on.

As a result, you knew way too much about Marissa’s lesbian phase.

FOX / Via

20. Your least favorite season was prom season:

Because everyone was on edge.

The CW / Via

21. And one week out of every month, it was better off if you just stayed in your room.

At least all of your sisters were on the same cycle.

But at the end of the day, you might be the only brother, but they’re your only family.

And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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