21 Problems Every Jump Roper Faces In Their Life


1. Encountering people who don’t take your sport seriously.

I’m sorry, could you do this?

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2. When your wire rope lashes out at you.

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3. Losing the ability to move any of your muscles after a workshop.

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4. Your rope splitting into two while you were in the middle of competing.

And you were about to have a personal best.

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5. So then you had to rejump ALL BY YOURSELF with literally everyone watching you.

No pressure or anything.

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6. Becoming ultra competitive with everyone on rival teams.

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7. And even your teammates who are in the same age group as you.

Jump rope frenemies for life.

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8. Making one little mistake that completely ruins the rest of your routine.

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9. Your bladder suddenly becoming active EVERY TIME you start triples.

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10. There’s never any room in your because it’s always full of ropes.


— Rebecca Furth (@BeccaSuzFurth)
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11. Only qualifying for a few things at Nationals.

And one of them was team show.

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12. The struggle of having to get back in-sync with your pairs freestyle partner after they mess up.

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13. Never having a real “summer break” because you’re too busy practicing for Nationals EVERY DAY.

USA Jump Rope Nationals 2013! #jumprope #lasttime

— Gabrielle Hasenyager (@GHasenyager)
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14. Constantly worrying about landing on your head…

ID: 3468961

15. … Someone landing on you…

ID: 3469009

16. … Or basically eating it every time you get into the ropes.

ID: 3469012

17. Going from having the advantage of being the oldest in your age group…

ID: 3471539

… To the disadvantage of being the youngest the following year.

ID: 3471543

18. Slowly developing shin splints from all the wear and tear over the years.

ID: 3471403

19. Falling behind on your school work because of how many Jump Rope For Heart shows you have to jump at.

ID: 3470837

20. Being chosen as the dreaded “fourth person” of your double dutch group.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: albumceline

I mean, just more nap time for you in the bleachers.

ID: 3469052

21. And trying to keep your ropes from getting completely tangled together in your bag.

Monique Antunovich

The impossible.

ID: 3469216

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