24 Inside Jokes You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Lived In Colorado

No explanations needed.

1. The local superhero:

2. Your friend who is in the diamond business:

And you know the exact hours and directions of where to find them.

3. Your dream job as a kid:

4. You know why you shouldn’t bend over in American Furniture Warehouse:

Because Jake Jabs.

5. The worst day of your life:

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

6. Followed by this day:

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters / Reuters

7. This means you’re home:

8. This too:

AKA Blucifer.

9. Adele’s hair:

10. The only way to do it:

11. The celebrities who reside at 63rd and Federal:

Audra, Officer Odell, and the Shagman are out here with warm smiles. #operationfreebird

— AdamsCoSheriff (@Adams Sheriff's Page)

12. *Rolls up windows*

13. June through August:

14. The workout from hell:

But a beautiful hell.

15. What’s pizza without honey?



18. The only man you can trust:


19. And the only woman:

21. And the headaches:

22. Completely disregarding the smell:

23. Because of all the bargains spelled backwards:

24. And how you know Mother Nature is a Broncos fan:

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