31 Little Victories That Made Every ’90s Kid Feel Invincible

Not even a Sock’em Bopper could bring you down.

1. Seeing triple digits in your Skip-It counter:

ID: 3262770

2. Launching a Skydancer without hurting yourself in the process.

ID: 3261584

3. Successfully putting your yo-yo to sleep.

LinksLegionaire / Via imgur.com
ID: 3249129

4. And your Furby.

ID: 3263440

5. Slamming your way into winning your best friend’s entire Pogs collection.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: djburkey
ID: 3263325

6. The MASH gods revealing you were going marry your crush.

And live in Cinderella’s Castle in the Hundred Acre Woods with your 15 children…forever.

ID: 3262896

7. Covering a blank notebook page with the coolest way to make an S.

All connected, of course.

ID: 3254302

8. Successfully folding a cootie catcher ALL BY YOURSELF.

ID: 3254312

9. When you weren’t the one to wake daddy.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: blazenhoff
ID: 3264339

10. Showing up to your lunch table with a pizza Lunchable.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mandimaebe
ID: 3265063

11. Absolutely NAILING the “Macarena” choreo.

New Line Cinema / Via businessinsider.com
ID: 3254363

12. Finally getting the reaction out of SmarterChild you’ve been waiting for.

ID: 3263634

13. Immediately seeing the image in a Magic Eye.

ID: 3265024

14. Being able to fall asleep even though you just read a Goosebumps book.

ID: 3265111

15. Breathing new life into your Nintendo cartridge.

ID: 3249174

16. Bouncin’ up and down your street in a new pair of Moon Shoes.

ID: 3264754

17. Putting in a VHS tape AND IT WAS ALREADY REWOUND.

ID: 3264588

18. Getting that ONE Happy Meal toy you were waiting for.

ID: 3263789

19. And that holographic Charizard card.

60 packs later.

ID: 3263848

20. Being able to withstand the pain of these popping on your skin.

ID: 3264182

21. And the sour layer of a War Head.

ID: 3264647

22. A slap bracelet folding perfectly around your arm.

ID: 3264379

23. Fitting Bugles onto all of your fingers.

ID: 3263973

24. When you correctly guessed who pushed down your thumb.

You totally peeked at their shoes BUT NO ONE WILL KNOW.

ID: 3264732

25. Being able to choose a movie AND candy at Blockbuster for a sleepover.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 28899992@N06
ID: 3264077

26. Managing to keep your sticky hand sticky.

ID: 3264626

27. Finding these markers in your classroom.

ID: 3264119

28. Keeping your whole family alive in Oregon Trail.

Oregon Trail / Via Flickr: puregeekery
ID: 3265047

29. Your Fruit Stripe tattoo not turning out like total shit.

ID: 3264441

30. Getting this damn bird to balance on your finger.

ID: 3264122

31. And finally achieving the highest level of greatness.

ID: 3263362

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