19 Google Searches All Single People Can Relate To

How do I block couples from Facebook?

1. Because you’ve choked on a chip before and saw your life flash before your eyes.

2. Because you get bored being all alone.

3. Because you need to explore all your options.

4. Because you don’t trust your friends to set you up anymore.

5. Because another friend just got engaged.

6. Because you need plans for the weekend.

7. Because you’ll pay extra to avoid seeing couples out.

8. Because you watched a rom-com and you’re feeling lonely.

9. Because you are your own bae.

10. Because you literally forgot how to flirt.

11. Because what the hell is sexting anyway?

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12. Because you know what you want in the long run.

13. Because you need to know who to blame for your misery every February.


15. Because WHY GOD, WHY?!??!

16. Because it’s come to this.

17. Because you have needs.

18. Because you’re one bad date away from downloading it.

19. Because you deserve it.

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