Christella M.
I like to make lists and be organized, but sometimes I live in total chaos. Sometimes I can be a bit "excessive." if I buy frozen food, I'll eat all of it as soon as I can, even if I should be saving it for work lunches or something else. I al...
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  • Mother Stuck In Cuba & Being Prevented From Attending 3-Year-Old Son’s Funeral

    Justine Davis was in Cuba on vacation with her son Cameron (3) when they were in a traumatic accident while riding a scooter to lunch. Justine sustained multiple injuries but still crawled to her son’s side. Now Cameron is back in Canada and being laid to rest on Saturday, but Cuban officials are preventing the release of Justine to make it home in time for his funeral. Click here to sign the petition.

    Christella M. 9 months ago 4 responses

  • Confessing To Driving Drunk & Killing A Man: My Gut Reaction To Viral Video

    About twelve and a half minutes ago I saw a post go viral… in my mind. Then, I checked it out online and saw it has (slightly, in the lightspeed pace we go today) already gone there. Over 1 million views of a video, uploaded just a few days ago. I just saw this video. In this video, Matthew, a relatively young guy, mid-to-late twenties, confesses to drunk driving… a choice which resulted in the death of another person. Never being found out or charged, Matthew — who has essentially gotten away scott free from a vehicular manslaughter charge at best, is now confessing out of nowhere about the death.

    Christella M. a year ago 3 responses

  • What Are Catholic Schools Teaching About Homosexuality?

    This is what children are being taught in Catholic schools by their teachers. They’re saying that although people may be born gay, it doesn’t mean they have to act on their biological impulses and are arguing that if we accept people who are gay into society then it makes every other type of marriage or family identity wrong. Consider the children in this classroom who ARE gay or considering their sexuality. These kids are not being taught acceptance, they are being hate mongered to and that is NOT OK. Watch Video ›

    Christella M. 3 years ago 2 responses