“Good To See You On LinkedIn”

The six words you don’t want to hear from former school friends. It likely means they’ve been lost to management speak.

1. So you’re all grown up.

You’ve gone through school, and you’ve completed university. You’re out there in the big bad world. And suddenly you’re being inundated with LinkedIn requests.

4. They just don’t stop.

6. You get tricked by the false friendliness of “Good to see you on LinkedIn.”

7. So you click on one of the links, and see a friend. Spouting gibberish.

8. And you’re all, “huh?”

9. Whereas once you’d discuss whether a Charizard was better than a Mewtwo.

10. Now your BFF is all, “Content only in maximising efficiency to achieve the unobtainable.”

12. Or all, “No one influences the solutions we offer.”

13. Naturally, you despair.

14. Kids who used to be like this…

15. …become adults like this.

16. And when you recommend them, you’re offered these options…

17. …when you want to say this.

18. It’s around this point I get sick of LinkedIn.

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