54 More Photos From #OccupyWallStreet 9/24/11

Hours after the mass arrests, “Occupy Wall Street” protesters regrouped in Liberty Plaza to send a message that they will not be intimidated. Here are 54 more images from the demonstration, now in its 8th day.


“Dear NYPD,
Please rememer that you are public servants. Your duty is to protect US (the people), not BANKS and CORPORATIONS. You are being screwed, too.”


“Justice For Troy Davis” demonstrators marching from Liberty Plaza to the Manhattan Bridge.


As the crowd marched north up Broadway, the police unfurled the orange crowd control nets like those used in the mass arrests earlier in the day.


As soon as the police noticed the dozens of cameras taking photos of the nets, they began rolling them up.


Police on horseback lined Broadway in lower Manhattan.


Demonstrators wait at an intersection.


A group of police officers presses the march onward, carrying the rolled-up net.


I counted at least 12 police vans along the perimeter of Liberty Plaza.


Organizers rejoice as the protest finally captures the media’s attention, hitting the front page of The Daily News.

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