Celebs Get No Love From Google+

You won’t believe how few followers Jay-Z, Kanye, and Justin Bieber have! If appealing to celebrities was what made Twitter hit the mainstream, Google+ will need to change their game.


According to ReadWriteWeb’s Richard MacManus, Kanye West and Jay-Z both had less than 1,000 followers as of August 15th. I checked back today and while ‘Ye has broken the 1k mark, Hova’s still still stagnating in the triple digits.

2. The Official Jay-Z Profile: <1000 Followers

3. Lady Gaga: >6000 Followers

4. All Nine Justin Bieber Wannabes: <2000 Followers

5. Scott Beale Of Laughing Squid: > 28,000 Followers

Despite the fact that Scott is not a pop star, he has a greater following on Google+ than most people you’ve heard of.

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