Sharon Osbourne VS Lindsay Lohan

Mrs O called shenanigans on Lindsay and her miscarriage claim. Let’s talk about it.

Well, ring the bell.

As every normal person is aware, Sharon Osbourne knows a thing, or two, about addiction. Whether it’s her husband, her daughter or, her face; Mrs Osbourne knows what addicts go through.

So it’s not surprising, to me at least, that Mrs O called out Lindsay on her most recent addmission on her ‘OWN’ show; Crack-Whore Ginger. Or what ever the show is called.

See, Lindsay admitted that, during a short hiatus for the reality show, she suffered a miscarriage. Which, naturally is a horrible thing for any one to go through. Mrs O believes though that this is, and I quote, “codswallop.” No idea what it means, so it must be a British thing.

Of course, Mrs O sounds like a huge bitch for calling shenanigans on a miscarriage claim- however, I would not put using a fake miscarriage past Lindsay. More specifically, I wouldn’t put a fake miscarriage past a good PR team.

We all watch ‘Scandal.’ (I even made a fake trailer for a Canadian version! Click - *Winky face.)

So we know just what can happen in the world of PR experts and career fixers. It’s actually a pretty smart move too. Think about it, how can anyone confirm or deny it? Medical privilege stands up and, if it didn’t, we would have a doctor who would lose their license.

If it were me representing Lindsay, I would let my inner Olivia Pope take over. Simply have Lindsay go to the doctor and pay, or threaten, a nurse to say that Lindsay looked terribly upset. The doctor won’t be able to comment on any medical treatment and boom; everyone feels for Lindsay Lohan.

There is a problem though. Whom ever it is that is handling Lindsay and her PR will need to reign in the drugs and partying. If Lindsay is going to have America on her side, they can’t have her crying about a miscarriage and then waking up in an alley next to a heroin addict.

So, is what Sharon did okay? Of Course! Just because the subject matter is difficult doesn’t make it true. If you’re against Mrs O on this one, you need to ask yourself a few things.

1st - Would you really put this past Lindsay? Her career is over, her looks are gone and, everyone is against her.

2nd - Lindsay has become accustomed to affording the good drugs. How do you expect her to just give up without a dirty fight?

3rd - Again, would you really put it past her?

So, I will remain on team Sharon. Mainly because, well, a miscarriage doesn’t just happen and then you can go back to the bath tub full of coke you were enjoying. There is still a fetus that needs to be, umm, evacuated? I don’t believe that TMZ wouldn’t have broken an ‘abortion’ story about that visit.

As Sharon said, she probably just had diarrhea. Imagine looking down after a wet one, high on coke and Oprah’s pussy. You might think you just miscarried as well. So, Lindsay, if you really did have a miscarriage; I am deeply sorry for that. However, you brought it on yourself. Maybe only do drugs on Sundays. At least that way you can say you did them with Jesus.


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