Luke, Leia And Han Are Back For Star Wars VII

It’s now been confirmed. (HuffPost Says.) It’s a geek celebration day! I think the hairy guy is back too. Chupacabra?

1. They’re Back!

Harrison Ford, A guy in a suit, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher.

2. Well, they’re back. The ‘big three’ will return, in some capacity, for the new Star Wars installment. Let’s update their character bios.

3. Han Solo

Harrison Ford.

4. Han now spends his days spinning his lone earring. Resenting the fact that he married Carrie Fisher.

5. Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher.

6. Leia, realizing she loves her brother more than Han, has turned to eating Antidepressants out of a dog bowl.

7. Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill

After losing his mind due to the incidents in the films- (losing his hand, kissing his sister, finding out his father is alive and, evil. Oh then watching his father die.) He disappeared. Resurfacing recently to voice ’ The Joker’ in Batman: Arkham Asylum an Arkham City.

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