Jay Z VS Drake

It seems that these two have been taking some shots at each other. Let’s see if we can get to the root of their issues.

It appears that we could have a new rap feud on our hands folks. Both Jay Z and Drake have taken jabs at one another. Although, this is most likely a fun-ship feud. Meaning they make these jokes about each other and then laugh, and laugh.

Now, just in case you aren’t aware of these two; here is a brief bio for both of them.

Jay Z
He’s married to Beyonce. I would walk you through his music history but, I don’t know any of his, umm, tracks. It’s nothing against him, at all. I just can’t understand a single word he says.

Something tells me that he’s a Canadian. Also that he was in a wheelchair once? He has a huge crush on that chick who sang about the umbrella.

So, is this friendship? I freakin’ hope so! Otherwise, rap just isn’t what it used to be. It started with Drake criticizing the rappers who talk about art on their tracks. Jay Z responded and then Drake took a dirty shot.

During an interview, at a basketball game, Drake maliciously implied that Jay Z was off somewhere- eating fondue. That is, so disrespectful. It’s no secret that Jay likes cheese, look at his wife. Drake didn’t need to go there though.

Jay responded in a verse - “Haters wanna ball let me tighten up my drawstring, wrong sports boy, you know you soft as a lacrosse team.” Apparently implying that Drake… Plays Lacrosse? I think?

Clearly, this is just a fun little feud. Otherwise, wow these guys are edgy! (Sarcasm.)

Have fun with your little zingers boys. Unless you’re hating on each other… In which case, step it up! No one is insulted by fondue or, lacrosse.


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