Hello World - This Is Maxine

She’s internationally famous!

1. Hello world, this is Maxine!

2. Maxine lives in New York with her Mom

3. Maxine used to live with a family that didn’t really want her anymore…

4. But now her mom takes very good care of her and she has a happy life

5. Maxine is a very expressive kitteh…

6. She likes to keep her hoomins on their toes…

7. Sometimes Maxine forgets how to sit in a chair like a lady…

8. But it’s not like anyone minds.

9. Maxine is very tech savvy

10. And up to date on pop culture

11. She’s got an opinion

12. And she’s well read

13. Most of all she knows sometimes you have to chill out.

14. And she’s happy to meet you!

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