10 Reasons Why This Dog Works Harder Than You

Meet Elvis, the dog with a full time job!

So you think you do a lot at work? Meet Elvis, the Border Terrier with a 9-5!

He works at Furniture Choice and this is what he gets up to every day:

1. He tidies away wires

  / Via Facebook

2. He’s the coolest salesdog

  / Via Facebook

3. He answers the phones

  / Via Twitter

4. He moves heavy objects

  / Via Pinterest

5. He even sweeps the office!

PInterest / Via  

6. He fetches things from up high

  / Via Furniture Choice

7. He transports things on his back

  / Via Pinterest

8. He trains junior members of staff

  / Via Twitter

9. He gets involved in office pranks

10. And still finds time to relax at the end of the day!

  / Via Furniture Choice

Good boy!

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