14 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Little Mix

Step aside, boys.

1. We haven’t had a powerful girl group from the U.K. since the Spice Girls

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2. Their music makes you want to step on any man who stands in your way

“Divas, queens we don’t need no man”
- Salute

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3. They were the first female girl group to win the British X-Factor

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4. They’re not afraid to be a bit weird

At least they look good doing it

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5. They can dance

gEt iT gUrL

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6. They can create some unique four-part harmonies

Destiny’s Child couldn’t do that (still love you Bey)

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7. They’re all good looking


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8. They send out a strong and positive message to girls everywhere

Go listen to “Little Me” and every other song they’ve ever recorded…

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9. They have a fun sense of style

Blue hair, don’t care

ID: 2442996

10. Because Perrie Edwards

Even though she stole Zayn Malik from us you can’t help but love her

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11. Their new album “Salute” hit No. 1 on the U.S. charts the day it was released

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12. They are genuinely good friends

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13. They’re funny


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14. When you listen to Little Mix you feel like you can take on the world

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If you’re still unsure, go watch their music video for “Move”

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