41 Ways Your Dog Makes Your Life 100% Better

There is no love like the love of your furry best friend.

1. They always want to hear about your day.

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2. But are cool with just hanging out if you don’t feel like talking.

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3. They’re not subtle when they want you to read them a bedtime story.

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4. They never give up a good opportunity for a dump-bomb.

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5. They are fantastic nap time pals.

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6. Just top-notch.

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7. They will help out at the store when you need them to.

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8. They will glady be a pony for hire, with pride.

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9. They add pizazz to everyday chores.

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10. Even when they cause a mess, their smile makes up for it.

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11. They’re ready for adventure.

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Any type of adventure.

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12. They love doing everything with you.

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13. They are ready to help at any time.

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14. Not just humans, but each other.

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15. They understand your peanut butter obsession.

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16. They have the right idea when it comes to fall.

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17. They’ll stop their very important work to listen to you.

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18. They are eager to help you win world records.

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19. They are excellent designated drivers.

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20. They know just the goofy face you need when you come home from work.

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21. They love all your favorite movies and are prepared to recreate them at a moment’s notice.

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22. They know how a good Saturday morning goes down.

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23. They’re excellent gardeners.

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24. They’re cool with just staying in and relaxing on a Friday night.

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25. They are excellent nannies.

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26. They will go along with any of your conspiracies.

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27. But will let you know if you’re being an idiot.

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28. They help with chores in their own way.

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29. They make bath time hilarious.

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30. They put up with your silly pranks.

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31. They share your love of your favorite foods.

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32. They are great friends to each other.

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33. They will put on a tie too if you don’t want to go to work.

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34. They will never forget you.

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35. Did I mention they’re extremely helpful??

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36. Seriously, have you ever seen another animal try to help out like this??

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37. Oh, and they give the best kisses.

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38. They keep you in shape.

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39. But are totally cool with getting in an oversized tee and vegging out.

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40. Basically, dogs are just the best ever.

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41. And are the greatest best friends a human could hope for.

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