Watch The Epic Battle: Puppy Vs. Dandelion

Ah, yes, finally: a break down of the final showdown between the puppy and the dandelion. Warning: this content is extremely violent okay for children to watch.

1. Give it a fair warning.

ID: 1377570

2. Drum to intimidate.

ID: 1377574

3. Intimidate to the side to make sure your enemy sees you.

ID: 1377582

4. Assess from all angles once more.

ID: 1377584

5. If your enemy remains stoic, refusing to fight, you have no choice but to give it a swift smack down.

ID: 1377587

6. If your enemy gets back up, strike again.

ID: 1377590

7. Display what you’re capable of by eating some of it’s surroundings.

In this case, the grass.

ID: 1377600

8. If your enemy still has not set down his sword, you have no choice but to eat him.

ID: 1377654

9. Make sure to spread it over your entire face, to warn future enemies.

ID: 1377663

Watch the full tutorial here:

ID: 1377505

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