Top 12 Hacks For Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog can be so difficult.

1. This way, you’ll never have to leave your chair.

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2. There’s always the treadmill route. Once again, you’d never have to leave your chair.

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3. Feel bad keeping your dog inside? That’s okay, you can move the treadmill outside.

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4. 2 friends, 6 wheels, 1 million wins.

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5. But what if you need to ride your motorcycle AND walk your dog?

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6. This takes a little more effort especially if your dog wants to run the opposite way.

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7. Why use your own legs if you have a car to walk your dog?

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8. For the adventurous type who may want to exercise with his dogs.

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9. Really, sitting while walking your dog has never been easier.

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10. For those who want to stand in one place while walking their dog there’s this:

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11. Or the free doggy treadmill.

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12. Or you can…just walk your dog.

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