This Griffon Had An Epic Beach Birthday Party And Yes, You Should Be Jealous

Only the cool get invited to Digby Van Winkle’s birthday party.

1. Mr. Winkle turned 2 which is pretty exciting…

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2. In true “cool” fashion, he was late to the party. His brother took care of the guests, of course.

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3. Pugs came wearing hats.

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4. BamBam even put on his best beach bow tie.

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5. The social scene was great, love connections were made.

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6. Alo, Digby’s bro, entertained guests as they awaited the man of the evening…

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7. Finally, an announcement was made: Digby would be arriving in a matter of SECONDS

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8. And then…the birthday boy came in, blowing away many with his birthday beauty.

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9. He was humble about it but he knew he looked great.

ID: 1448304

10. Everyone whispered about how great Digby looked.

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11. Digby, ever the gentleman, said ‘hello’ to all of his guests.

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12. He made sure to compliment his pug friend who had really toned up for the beach.

ID: 1448321

13. Alo ate sand, as tribute.

ID: 1448332

14. One pug sang Digby “Happy Birthday”, which made him a bit self-conscious.

ID: 1448335

15. Best of all, Digby got to run…

ID: 1448590

16. …and get his butt sniffed.

ID: 1448683

17. …and be one with nature…

ID: 1448593

18. He got to hang with his brother…

ID: 1448595

19. …and loved watching all his friend groups get along.

ID: 1448597

20. There was even dancing!

ID: 1448605

21. And a birthday stick!

ID: 1448601

22. Even the sternest of critics thought the party was a success.

ID: 1448705

23. Guests never wanted to leave.

ID: 1448687

24. Overall, Digby couldn’t have been happier with his Birthday Party.

ID: 1448592

25. Happy Birthday, ol’ champ!

ID: 1448702

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