This Elk Is Basically Kevin From “Home Alone”

Don’t worry, all ends well in this story too!

1. So winter is a primetime for ELK FAMILY VACATION.*

*Not scientifically proven.

ID: 2724428

2. Everyone is so excited that some make a FOOL out of themselves as they hit the road.

ID: 2724432

3. There is such a rush and SO MANY family members that it’s highly possible someone may get left behind…

ID: 2724506

4. ..this year it was Kevin the Elk to be left behind.

ID: 2724514

5. When a car drives by and he’s like “SHIT SHIT SHIT WHERE IS MY DAMN FAMILY.”

ID: 2724519

6. But then he gains courage and JUMPS THAT FENCE LIKE AN OLD PRO.

ID: 2724523

7. And, while he hasn’t caught up to his family YET you know they’ll realize eventually…

ID: 2724526

9. Watch the whole saga here:

ID: 2724244

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