27 Things Procrastinators Are Really Good At

Everything but that big project.

1. Online shopping!

Holiday shopping done in the middle of July? You did it!

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2. Finally looking for that shoe you lost months ago!

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3. Cleaning up!

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4. Catching up/rewatching Harry Potter!

ID: 3170676

5. Looking up what the moon is made out of!

ID: 3171655

6. Calling your mom, your grandma, anyone you’ve been meaning to.

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7. Erm…alone time.

ID: 3170282

8. Discovering how WEIRD things in your house are.

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10. Rewatching your favorite shows.

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11. Savoring all your delicious drinks.

ID: 3170363

12. Smoking then quitting smoking!

ID: 3170643

13. Finding out what your pencil is made up of.

ID: 3171647

14. Getting your tan on!

ID: 3170780

15. Exercising!

ID: 3170801

16. Finally learning to walk like a proper lady!

ID: 3170805

17. Taking a drive to the grocery store!

ID: 3170823

18. Remembering to send Dennis his birthday card!

ID: 3171564

19. Somersaulting!

ID: 3176101

20. Introducing yourself to the neighbors!

ID: 3170857

21. Making that overdue dentist appointment!

ID: 3171570

22. Catching up on your sleep! You deserve it.

ID: 3170958

23. Geting up, going back to sleep.

ID: 3170943

24. Getting your nails done because how are you supposed to WRITE with fingers that bleak?

ID: 3171075

25. Procrastination time is also a great time to remember all the weird faces you’re capable of making!

ID: 3171504

26. Getting so excited about all the stuff you got done! So excited you can actually get your big project done!

ID: 3171584

27. …riiiight after one more little nap.

ID: 3175888

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