The Weirdest Dog On The Internet

I think this would be my favorite dog if only I knew the breed.

1. Seriously, this is the weirdest dog I’ve ever seen.

ID: 1424945

2. It gets walked on a leash. Can someone find me this lady and I can contact her to ask what kind of breed it is??

ID: 1468982

3. It eats plants like a dog…

ID: 1469575

4. It recognizes a fellow dog, seems happy, but what a strange movement.

ID: 1468974

5. Next to a familiar puppy, it’s actually not very good at being a dog at all.

ID: 1424981

6. It puts itself in fake danger to act brave but we all know there’s glass there. What a bad dog.

ID: 1468857

7. It tries to be a bear sometimes? But like, what kind of dog would do that?

ID: 1468909

8. I guess it’s good to pet but there’s something off…

ID: 1468916

9. That is the weirdest puppy smile I have ever seen.

ID: 1468924

10. It seems totally cool with this cat at such a young age. Very peculiar…

ID: 1468927

11. Sure, it’s good at “crazy dog,” I’ll give it that.

ID: 1468952

12. It exhibits emotion like other dogs…

ID: 1469120

13. …but where’s all the fur?

ID: 1469132

14. Yet another one enjoys a cat? What the hell? What a bad dog.

ID: 1469287

15. It walks funny, like more of a scoot. A taco scoot.

ID: 1469412

16. Chubs and kisses suggest these pups are cousins but… I just don’t think the one on the right knows how to dog as well.

ID: 1469830

17. When it walks, it puts its butt in the air way more than any dog I’ve seen.

ID: 1469756

18. Look how skeptical that Jackie is; even he has no idea what he’s kissing.

ID: 1469706

19. What a weird paw.

ID: 1472315

20. Sources say they take longer to walk than other breeds. Look at that helpful lab — you can tell it’s really trying his patience though.

ID: 1472342

21. Could it be a hairless version of this dog?

ID: 1469763

22. One thing’s for sure: This dog doesn’t know how to organize its toys…

Just awful and frankly, a little selfish.

ID: 1472574

23. …or pose for a camera…

ID: 1472414

24. …or even get picked up properly.

ID: 1472448

25. Guess you should “let sleeping dogs lie,” but…

ID: 1472457

26. …this is just a terrible dog. What self-respecting dog crawls?

ID: 1472486

27. Bad dog:

ID: 1472497

28. Great dog:

ID: 1472507

29. Here’s a bad dog and a good dog:

ID: 1472518

30. To reiterate, this is a very bad dog:

ID: 1472603

31. This is a great dog:

ID: 1472666

32. If anyone has information about this breed, please contact us ASAP.

ID: 1472648

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