The Top 12 Animal Scoots That Defined 2013

As we scoot on out of 2013, let’s take a look back on some adorable little scoots.

12. The corgi tummy scoot.

ID: 2041627

11. The cutie koala bum scoot.

ID: 2041638

10. Ah, yes, the classic playing stoat scoot.

ID: 2041777

9. The crawlin’ scoot.

ID: 2041771

8. The snow scoot.

ID: 2041827

7. The itchy scoot.

ID: 2041958

6. The inventor of the tummy scoot, obviously.

ID: 2041852

5. The more modern scooter scoot.

ID: 2041936

4. Nyan dog scoot.

ID: 2041963

3. The lazy scoot.

(The cat is A-OK, just being silly!)

ID: 2045629

2. The snackin’ scoot.

ID: 2041679

1. Finally, the scoot to win all scoots: the supportive husky scoot.

ID: 2041993

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