The Story Of The Ides Of March As Told By Sloths

What better way to get your (loose) history on than with a bunch of sloths?

1. The Soothsayer told Caesar “Beware the Ides of March”

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2. And Caesar Was Like “No Way, I Got This”

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3. Caesar thought his BFF Brutus was as happy as he was. Clearly, he was not.**

**Brutus is on the left, Caesar is blissfully unaware of their relationship status.

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4. On the way to the Theater of Pompey, Caesar passed the Soothsayer once again…

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5. And was like, “It’s the Ides of March, Bitch”**

**Paraphrasing a tad. But all he was implying was that the Ides of March had come and he was around.

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6. “Aye, Caesar. But Not Gone” said the Soothsayer.

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7. Little did he know a group of his former friends were awaiting him to bring about HIS DEMISE

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8. What was supposed to be just a casual Senate meeting quickly turned into a bloodbath.

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9. Finally, Brutus and Caesar were face to face!

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10. A flash of the goodtimes passed through Caesar’s mind.

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11. But it would soon end. As soon as Caesar turned, Brutus stabbed his BFF in the back.


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12. Caesar was all, “…Et Tu, Brute?”

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13. “No, for real. Et tu?”

The End.

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