The Story Of Christmas As Told By Sloths

A very basic retelling of the story.

1. Well, there was a lady named Mary who was engaged to a man named Joseph. They were hanging out in Nazareth, in love and doing their thing.

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2. One day, the angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her she was pregnant with God’s son and his name would be Jesus. Mary was shocked.

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3. Joseph was understandably confused because he did not put that baby in there.

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4. But another angel came to him in a dream to let him know that Mary was telling the truth.

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5. At first Joseph was like “WHAT?” but the angel convinced him.

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6. Despite being very pregnant, Joseph and Mary set to Bethlehem to register for the government-ordered census.

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7. Once they got there, they were exhausted but the Inn was full.

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8. Finally, they found a stable* and tucked themselves in for the night.


*Bucket represents the stable.

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9. There, Mary gave birth to her son and placed him in a manger to sleep.

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10. An angel appeared to some shepherds to announce the good news. They couldn’t believe it and set on their way to meet this child.

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11. When they got there they were so excited that this adorable baby was also the Messiah, that they set out to spread the word.

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12. Three magi then joined, bearing gifts for the infant.

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13. Then they all rejoiced in this magical baby and Christmas was born…

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