The Most Scrumptiously Wrinkly Dogs On The Internet

I want to dive into those mushy folds and take a nap.

1. They call him “High Roll-er”

ID: 1458549

2. His wrinkles provide a kick-ass sleep mask.

ID: 1458916

3. Fold Life

ID: 1458518

4. “Yeah, I got wrinkles. Drink it up.”

ID: 1458537

5. Only sits in fancy chairs to highlight his masculine folds.

ID: 1458531

6. “I really resent your condescending tone when you speak about my rolls.”

ID: 1458843

7. “Does this hat make me look fat?”

ID: 1458545

8. Baby Roll A-Lot

ID: 1458574

9. Meet the Rollersons.

ID: 1458568

10. “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s…the wrinkles.”

ID: 1459381

11. Wrinkly, sleepy AND adorable.

ID: 1459455

12. Bright-eyed and wrinkly-tailed.

ID: 1458593

13. Thinks no one can see the mess past his folds.

ID: 1458642

14. He knows this is his best, most adorable position.

ID: 1458699

15. Wrinkled kisses are the best kisses.

ID: 1458751

16. “Did someone say they wanted to see my rolls?? I GOT PLENTY!”

ID: 1458852

17. Refined and dignified.

ID: 1458925

18. “Oh these ol’ things? You can touch if you want.”

ID: 1458990

19. Prince Worry-Wart

ID: 1459007

20. Blonde and beautiful.

ID: 1459106

21. “I love my rolls because 1. I can hide things 2. They’re soft 3. They’re sexy.”

ID: 1458939

22. Meet the whole Wrinkle-Smith gang.

ID: 1459169

23. “I can’t believe you would suggest Botox.”

ID: 1459376

24. “I know I’m adorable but it’s impolite to stare.”

ID: 1459447

25. Glasses + Wrinkles = Supreme Sophistication

ID: 1459389

26. “I’m not sleeping, I’m exercising my wrinkles. Gotta make sure they stay nice and pronounced.”

ID: 1459390

27. Finally, the King of the Rolls.

ID: 1459237

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