The Meteoric Rise Of Grumpy Cat

This is the story of one cat’s climb to fame. Now that she’s set to be a movie star, one question remains: Will the increasing pressures of stardom change her??

1. Tardar Sauce was born on April 4, 2012 to a loving family living a normal life.

ID: 1223755

2. Her namesake is, in fact, the sauce.

**Her owner named her since her coat matches the color of the sauce.

ID: 1223856

3. Little did this teeny Grump know she would soon be propelled into the world of fame and fortune.

ID: 1223772

4. EVERYTHING CHANGED on September 22, 2012, when this photo was posted on Reddit.

ID: 1223894

5. Accusations came in that her dear face was photoshopped! The horror!

ID: 1223940

6. Tardar was annoyed and, in un-grumpy fashion, decided to do something.

ID: 1223978

7. She posted a video to Youtube just to let everyone know how little she gave a shit.

ID: 1223981

8. Pokey, her more conventionally handsome brother, assumed he would be the star.

ID: 1224111

9. But her video unwittingly rocketed her to Stardom where she would forever be known as…

ID: 1223998

11. Soon her face was everywhere, representing the grumps of the world.

ID: 1224060

12. Some became obsessed, permanently memorializing her on their bodies.

ID: 1224067

13. Agents clamored after her but only one got through: Ben Lashes*

Agent to the famed “Keyboard Cat”

ID: 1224090

14. Demands for television appearances came pouring in.

ID: 1224356

15. But they soon became wearing.

ID: 1224150

16. She started getting sick of being recognized in the supermarket.

ID: 1224207

17. Seeking some normalcy, she took a job here at Buzzfeed.

Macey J. Foronda
ID: 1224391

18. She soon rose to the top of the ranks.

Macey J. Foronda
ID: 1224171

19. However, she started to feel the constraints of a desk job.

Macey J. Foronda
ID: 1224176

20. And the never-ending desire of her coworkers to make her smile was taxing.

Macey J. Foronda
ID: 1224187

21. No one puts Grumpy in a smile-corner.

Macey J. Foronda
ID: 1224371

22. She decided to realize her true calling: Stardom.

Macey J. Foronda
ID: 1224368

23. No hard feelings though, we still named her the Most Important Cat of 2012

ID: 1224520

24. Fresh in the job market, she quickly signed a deal with Frisky’s to do their Youtube Talk Show.

ID: 1224234

25. They even flew her to appear at SXSW.

ID: 1224268

26. There, she smooshed faces with other celebs.

ID: 1224258

27. She was the biggest star of SXSW but obviously didn’t care.

ID: 1224282

28. And then…she won MEME OF THE YEAR at the Webby Awards.

ID: 1224211

29. One might assume this kind of fame would change her…

ID: 1224279

30. But in April, she made sure to share her birthday with her family.

ID: 1224230

31. But didn’t forget her fans.

ID: 1224236

32. Her and her brother remain close, despite past jealousy issues.

ID: 1224427

33. Plus, she has used her fame for good so far.

ID: 1224261

34. She’s become the face of some good causes….

ID: 1224240

35. But what will happen to her now that she’s not just a star but a MOVIE star?

ID: 1224256

36. Will she give into the pressures of Hollywood?

ID: 1224408

38. Only time will tell how she’ll handle the increasing pressures of a life in the limelight.

ID: 1224440

39. We have high hopes for her future though…

ID: 1224433

40. Because if this didn’t make her smile.

ID: 1224246

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