The Expectation Versus Reality Of Getting A Dog

Surprise: they’re an even better addition to your life than you ever imagined.

Puppies will sleep through the night and cuddle! / Via

Reality: They will keep you up all night but start snoozin’ when you have to get up.


They’ll LOVE your fancy dog treats and really appreciate how pretty they are.

Reality: They’re fine with your couch.

Expectation: They’ll sleep in the super comfy A++ bed you get them.

Reality: You’ll find them tucked into your bed.

Expectation: You will have the best nap time pal.

Reality: He will be a great nap pal but it may be stinkier than you signed up for.

Expectation: Your pup will keep you in shape!

Reality: It’s way more fun to snack with your dog.

Flickr: 15965815@N00

Expectation: They’ll help you meet all sorts of new friends.

Reality: You have a new, perfect best friend: why would you even need anyone else?

Expectation: Your dog will up your selfie game.

Reality: They’ll take over all selfie related activities.

Expectation: If you’re single, your dog will make an excellent wingman.

Reality: He may swoop in and distract with his own cute factor.


Expectation: Your dog will make your life infinitely better.


Reality: Your dog will make your life infinitely better.


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