The 17 Greatest Wedding Photobombers Of All Time

Done by the masters of the photobomb: animals, of course.

1. This lurking llama.

Everyone told the groom not to invite his ex to the wedding.

ID: 1520752

2. This horse just wanted this lady’s legs to look their best on her wedding day.

ID: 1520754

3. This beluga who gets so emotional at weddings she blacks out and doesn’t even realize she’s ruining photo ops.

ID: 1520756

4. Larry, the horse, who just wants everyone to see how much yellow brings out the color of his eyes.

ID: 1520758

5. Weddings just get them in the mood.

ID: 1520763

6. This horse doesn’t believe in patriarchy and made sure the bride seemed naturally taller than the groom.

ID: 1520767

7. Fernando was pissed he got fired from being the ring bearer.

ID: 1520771

8. She really thought everyone showed up to congratulate her on pooping outside the box.

ID: 1520774

9. This pup who did NOT hold his peace and when no one listened, had no choice but to continue his protest.

ID: 1520791

10. Steve just wanted to be one of the girls.

ID: 1520794

11. This meerkat took his job as the sole witness very, very seriously.

ID: 1520806

12. That sloth took all day to climb the tree for this photobomb. Show some respect.

ID: 1520871

13. Soon.

ID: 1520822

14. The beluga on the left didn’t mean to photobomb but the one on the top has been practicing that creepy smile for weeks.

ID: 1520827

15. Welp.

Via Vicki Lea Boulter /
ID: 1520985

16. Esther’s just trying to figure out her new camera.

ID: 1520932

17. Petey’s is the best: he has perfected the perfect, subtle photobomb.

ID: 1520817

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