26 Adorable Photos of Instagram’s Cutest Best Friends


1. This is Oliver the dog and Arashi the cat…

ID: 3548924

2. They are very best friends who KNOW how to have a good time.

ID: 3548962

3. They’re especially good at balancing things on their noses…

ID: 3548899

4. …and they make it look freakin’ adorable.

ID: 3548906

5. Never in the history of the world have chestnuts look so damn cute.

ID: 3549074

6. They also excel at takin’ naps…

ID: 3548911

7. …wearing hats…

ID: 3548921

8. …sitting in buckets…

ID: 3548928

9. …keepin’ watch…

ID: 3548952

10. …and switchin’ up nappin’ sides to nap again.

ID: 3548939

11. (they cannot emphasize enough the importance of nappin’ with a friend.)

ID: 3549003

12. They look BEAUTIFUL in flowers.

ID: 3548954

13. (Seriously, look at them)

ID: 3549047

14. And cheering for their favorite soccer team.

ID: 3548973

15. Sometimes they get woken up from a nap and get startled.

ID: 3548981

16. They prove bath time isn’t nearly as horrible when you have a friend by your side.

ID: 3548988

17. It’s ESPECIALLY important when you a bad haircut strikes.

ID: 3548934

18. Their winter game is on point.

ID: 3549040

19. And they bring this skill to the outdoors.

ID: 3549008

20. Oliver will never leave Arashi behind and makes sure she will always travel in style…

ID: 3549026

21. …whether it’s by backpack…

ID: 3549032

22. …a bucket…

ID: 3548945

23. …or a fashionable purse!

ID: 3548972

24. Basically, they are the cutest EVER.

ID: 3549015

25. And we’d all be lucky to have a friendship like this.

ID: 3548997

26. Never change you two.

ID: 3548916

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