24 Signs Your Person Thinks You’re Human

Are you pampered, talked to and celebrated? Chances are, your human thinks you’re a human too.

1. You ride around in a stroller.

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2. Or a car seat.

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3. You have a seat at the dinner table.

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4. They try to read you bedtime stories.

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5. Or worse! Expect you to read to them.

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6. They put glasses on you while you’re sleeping.

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7. You didn’t grow hair so they bought you a wig.

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8. They take you to a nail salon.

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9. And regular spa days.

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10. You got pearls for Christmas.

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11. You get elaborate birthday parties.

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Complete with cake.

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12. They make you celebrate Easter.

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13. You took the school bus to Kindergarten.

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14. And they were so proud when you graduated.

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15. They dress you up for a job you’ll never have.

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16. You had an arranged marriage.

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17. You have an outfit for every occasion.

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18. You enjoy vistas comfortably.

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19. They make sure you’re ready for anything.

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20. They draw you a bubble bath on the regular.

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21. You’re the center of the family portrait.

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22. They make sure you stay modest in the pool.

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23. They confuse you with a very famous human.

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24. You’re spoon-fed ice cream.

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If your human exhibits any of these signs, you could call a help line…

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But you might as well celebrate your lucky lot in life.

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