Shaka The Golden Retriever Pup Is Out To Rescue Your Heart

I didn’t even know my heart needed to be rescued until I saw this face.

1. This is Shaka, the newest member of the Squaw Valley Avalance Rescue Team.

Hank DeVre
ID: 2455863

2. The rescue team is very skilled as both search-and-rescuers as well as avalanche awareness teachers.

Hank DeVre
ID: 2457776

3. Between riding on chairlifts, chilling on snowmobiles and playing scent-based seek-and-find games, these pups have fun in training.

Hank DeVre

Matt Palmer

Matt Palmer

ID: 2457484

4. They’re even members of the Placer Country Sheriff Search and Rescue Team so their help can extend regionally, if necessary.

Hank DeVre
ID: 2455885

5. This little goober was named after a long-time patroller and avid surfer “Shaka Don” Schott.

Hank DeVre

The “shaka” handsign, a closed fist with thumb and pinkie held out, means “hang loose” among surfers.

ID: 2455876

6. Shaka is still in the process of training to get to be with the big guys but he’s doing great so far!

Hank DeVre
ID: 2455879

7. He certainly has the dutiful look to make for an outstanding rescuer.

Hank DeVre
ID: 2455906

8. Plus, he’s downright adorable!

Hank DeVre
ID: 2455919

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