42 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Cute

I know what you’re thinking: you’ve exhausted all the cute things in your life. WELL YOU ARE WRONG.

1. This little kitten who just wants to listen to your stories.

ID: 3116562

2. This baby beav who is just so thrilled to see you.

ID: 3115626

3. This monkey taking a bath.

ID: 3115297

4. These new best friends.

ID: 3117130

5. This one who just wants some birthday ice cream.

ID: 3115636

6. This kitten who is SO excited to see you.

ID: 3116214

7. These GOT fans.

ID: 3117667

8. This perfect cat in his holder.

ID: 3117578

9. This champion who just wants to stop and feel the sun.

ID: 3115799

10. This therapy dog who got her own space in Yearbook.

ID: 3116196

11. These two sibs.

ID: 3117960

12. THE CUTEST elephant in the world.

ID: 3118132

13. This kitty getting acquainted with his big brother’s nose.

ID: 3116163

14. This boy schooling his best friend in the ABCs.

ID: 3116201

15. This basket of pups.

ID: 3116230

16. These two synchronized siblings.

ID: 3116327

17. These attentive triplets.

ID: 3116398

18. This pup getting used to his new bowl.

ID: 3116401

19. This kitten party.

ID: 3116566

20. This puppy who’s still working on his surprise attacks.

ID: 3116411

21. This mother and her newborn pup.

ID: 3116570

22. This kitten who thought being awake was just too much right now.

ID: 3116589

23. These two snuggle bunnies.

ID: 3115658

24. This kitten and her penguin.

ID: 3117137

25. This patient birthday boy waiting for his birthday cake.

ID: 3117348

26. This dog who proves some things never change.

ID: 3117386

27. This kitty who is trying to joke but can’t help but be adorable.

ID: 3117429

28. This napping cuddle bum.

ID: 3117475

29. This iddy-biddy munchkin.

ID: 3117500

30. This kitten who just wants to take care of this puppy, OK?

ID: 3118078

31. This puppy/crab fight.

ID: 3117934

32. These best friends.

ID: 3117593

33. This bun enjoying some nightly cartoons.

ID: 3117620

34. This lamb just enjoying the ride.

ID: 3117642

35. This cat who’s so cute, I don’t even care he’s cheating.

ID: 3117653

36. This sleepy pair.

ID: 3117696

37. These lovebugs.

ID: 3118057

38. This chill DJ.

ID: 3117959

39. This smiling napper.

ID: 3118009

40. This bunny who knows she is QUEEN.

ID: 3118015

41. And these geese who want you to get on this Cute Parade and exclaim, “CUTENESS IS ALIVE AND WELL.”

ID: 3117955

42. “BYE!”

ID: 3118106

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