Meet Alo, The Griffon Pup Out To Steal Your Heart

The coolest dog on instagram has a new brother! Meet baby Alo before the two Griffons take over the world.

1. Introducing Alo:

ID: 1249163

2. Little bro of famed Digby Van Winkle:

ID: 1249540

3. As you can see, Alo has some big shoes to fill…

ID: 1249521

4. He was found in a box and Digby was skeptical, as most older siblings are…

ID: 1249280

5. After all, like all little siblings, Alo is excellent at annoying his big bro.

ID: 1249252

6. But Digby slowly learned to tolerate him.

ID: 1249246

7. And now trains Alo in cuteness every day.

ID: 1249226

8. We all know that Alo has got that one under control though.

ID: 1249215

9. That face!

ID: 1249248

10. That yawn!

ID: 1249216

11. He takes style tips from his big bro…

ID: 1249298

12. Sometimes they go the matching route.

ID: 1249273

13. But he clearly brings his own essence to it.

ID: 1249267

14. Whether in his snuggly bear suit…

ID: 1249211

15. Or a knit sweater…

ID: 1249201

16. or knit tanktop…

ID: 1249213

17. Even a knit turtleneck…

ID: 1249270

18. One thing’s for sure: whatever he wears, he owns it.

ID: 1249219

19. He’s got beauty but make no mistake: he has the brains to complete the package.

Will Shortz ain’t got nothin’ on him.

ID: 1249203

20. Alo loves his big bro but doesn’t want you to forget he’s his own doggy.

ID: 1249210

21. Unlike Digby, he prefers to create art behind the camera.

ID: 1249228

22. Even though he has a face clearly made for the camera.

ID: 1249171

23. I mean, look at him in these cups.

ID: 1249231

24. Not everyone can pull this one off.

ID: 1249233

25. And this scale: I dare you to find someone else who made a scale look this good.

ID: 1249238

26. Keep it up, Alo!

ID: 1249276

27. Can we just rewind for a second and take a look at the adorable that is this duo?

ID: 1249269

28. I mean, look at the fun they have together.

ID: 1249277

29. With the new addition to the Van Winkle family, we can see nothing but Greatness in their future.

ID: 1249255

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