24 Pets Owning The Cone Of Shame

When life gives you a cone of shame, fill it with toys.

1. This guy knows what it’s all about.

ID: 1229523

2. He looks and feels adorable.

ID: 1229586

3. He keeps his forces close.

ID: 1230033

4. She keeps it classy with an Italian theme.

ID: 1229628

5. He chooses to use his cone for personal meetings.

ID: 1229601

6. Everything’s easier with a friend.

ID: 1229604

7. Was given a cone, made modern art.

ID: 1229623

8. This cone could never get in the way of his bro status.

ID: 1229629

9. “Bitch don’t kill my vibe”

ID: 1229630

10. He keeps it fresh with a nice salad.

ID: 1229640

11. Keeping it beautiful, she chose the classic route.

ID: 1229794

12. Who said the cone couldn’t be glam?

ID: 1229745

13. Sometimes it’s not enough to dress up as the flower, sometimes one must BE the flower.

ID: 1229655

14. Another pup goes the toy route.

ID: 1229661

15. Too happy to not be owning it.

ID: 1229684

16. He keeps it classy in a martini.

ID: 1229719

17. You see a cone, she sees a fortress.

ID: 1229700

18. He had his friends sign it to feel less alone.

ID: 1229831

19. No one can keep this pup from doing what he wants, when he wants.

ID: 1230024

20. Cone of shame does not mean a break from solving crime.

ID: 1229733

21. He put a mustache on his cone before anyone even knew about them.

ID: 1229736

22. There’s a lot going on here. Epitome of owning it.

ID: 1229783

23. He adorned himself with some mistletoe and lip balm.

ID: 1229811

24. Now, the ultimate opportunist.

ID: 1229710

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