17 People You’ll Run Into On New Year’s Eve

We’ve all been there.

1. The girl who got all dressed up but you know is going to be a mess by the end of the night.

ID: 2210145

2. The guy who gets so confused and starts fighting with himself.

ID: 2210373

3. This gal who gets the drunchies* but cannot handle said drunchies.

*Alcohol-induced munchies.

ID: 2210395

4. The token friend who passes out at 11:30.

ID: 2210426

5. The one who knows what he looks like but doesn’t care at this point.

ID: 2210470

6. The one who FREAKS OUT over normal, everyday occurrences.

ID: 2210517

7. The one who insists on doing a stupid, if entertaining, party trick.

ID: 2210574

8. The “OMG I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH” friend.

ID: 2210599

9. The drunk-dialing/texting friend.

ID: 2210610

10. This guy.

ID: 2210643

11. The one who has to get in your business but doesn’t help when you need it.

ID: 2210689

12. The group of girls slurring the words to “We Are Never Getting Back Together” at the top of their lungs.

ID: 2210755

13. The PDA couple who just won’t stop.

ID: 2211075

14. The guy who is “just resting his eyes.”

ID: 2210975

15. The one judgmental person sitting in the corner.

ID: 2210679

16. The guy who might steal your midnight kiss.

ID: 2211085

17. The guy who won’t stop laughing as he tries to figure out what year it is.

ID: 2210994

Here’s to hoping your NYE is less like this guy, drowning in a pool of regrets:

ID: 2211413

And more like this guy, playing in them.

ID: 2211417

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