Meet The Fierce Champions Of The NYC Dog Parade

They may not have won the competition itself but they sure won my heart.

1. They arrived in a chic chariot, no one could touch them.

ID: 1877722

2. And they consulted one another, “Was it time to unleash the fierce?”

ID: 1877742

3. Oh yes, it was.

ID: 1877738

4. The Pilot’s range was simply jaw-dropping.

ID: 1877766

5. The Vampire looked on, fearful he could not deliver to the crowd as well as the Pilot.

ID: 1877772

6. Ever empathetic, the Pilot shielded his eyes so his Vampire brother could have his time to shine.

ID: 1877775

7. The crowds loved it.

ID: 1877780

8. The two took questions but held great pride in not answering most of them.

ID: 1877781

9. For Halloween had now become their’s and their’s alone. Until next year…

ID: 1877783

10. All photos by Chelsea Marshall for Buzzfeed

ID: 1877827

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