Manatees: Living Proof That Mermaids Are Real And Beautiful

The mermaids in movies may not be real, but it doesn’t mean the original mermaids don’t exist. Bow down to the majesty of the manatee.

1. Manatees used to be considered mermaids.

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2. Granted, this was when sailors didn’t see them up close.

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3. And now that we’ve seen them, we call them “Sea Cows”??

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4. Rude. Seriously, that really hurts a gal’s feelings.

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5. Now they only ask one thing: to reclaim their original name.

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6. The OM: Original Mermaid

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7. After all, these majestic creatures fit the mermaid profile perfectly…

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8. They’re caring.

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9. They have great smiles.

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10. They’re coy.

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11. They’re magical.

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12. They relate to humans.

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13. And those curves!

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14. Unlike the mermaids of folklore, they’re actually quite modest.

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15. They’re also great listeners.

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16. Fish feel safe around them.

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17. They’re curious.

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18. They’re graceful.

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19. They’re supportive.

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20. Let’s face it: They’re beautiful inside and out.

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21. So next time you say, “Mermaids aren’t real,” think of the feelings you’re hurting.

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22. Besides, would you rather run into this kind of mermaid:

ID: 1300585

23. Or these beauties:

ID: 1300653

24. Thought so.

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