The 27 Happiest Sloths In The World

Stopping and smelling the flowers has its benefits!

1. “Meep! Hello!”

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2. “I just love the way the sun fills my bucket with warmth and joy!”

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3. “A good scratch just puts a smile on my face.”

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4. “I’m Lunita and I smile because I’m perfect.”

Summer Ann Burton
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5. “Your face just fills my heart up with little butterflies.”

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6. “When you’re this fuzzy, it would be a crime NOT to be this happy.”

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7. “We just got engaged!”

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8. “When I get down, I just remember I’m fab and I’m happy again!”

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9. “I just found out I get an extra 3 day nap and I’m pretty PUMPED.”

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10. “Noms.”

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11. “We don’t have much but we have each other!”

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12. “I’m sexy as hell, who wouldn’t be happy?”

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13. “My smile is crooked but it’s what makes me, ME.”

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14. “Chompin’ is all I need.”

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15. “When you have a make-out buddy, who cares if you get caught?”

Sara Rubin

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16. “I’m sleepily happy, okay??”

Sara Rubin
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17. “Started from up there now I’m here. Starting from up there now my whole crew’s…wait, where are they?”

Sara Rubin
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18. “…”

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19. “Being this happy just makes me want to take a little, tiny nap…”

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20. “I’m beautiful and happy and I just really love that you’re here to see me!”

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21. “Tender shoots, tender shoots, tender shoots are for meeee!”

Sara Rubin
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22. “I dare YOU to get in a bucket and still be sad!”

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23. “Sometimes I just can’t believe how beautiful the world is, ya know?”

Sara Rubin
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25. “All I need in this life of sin is me and my stuffed bear, my stuffed bear.”

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26. “I wonder what happiness will feel like TOMORROW??”

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27. “BYE!”

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