39 Dogs Who Will Make You Question Evolution

Sorry, Darwin but this just seems impossible.

Thesis: there is no way that this….

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1. Had anything to do with this:

(obviously didn’t)

ID: 2287662

2. Exhibit A: The Pug.

ID: 2286899

3. Literally everything about the pug calls into question the theory of evolution:

ID: 2288027

4. Then we have this husky who still hasn’t learned the rules of the cat tree.

ID: 2285850

5. Half of these dogs have yet to evolve. At best, this proves evolution to be uncertain.

ID: 2286744

6. And this derp.

ID: 2286748

7. No matter how cute they are, dogs do make you wonder…

ID: 2288028

8. I mean…

ID: 2286865

9. Look, normally I’m like “YAAAS, EVOLUTION!” but look at this joker:

ID: 2286756

10. Even if he never met a sprinkler, he’s met WATER before.

ID: 2286876

11. Girl. Come on, you’re better than this.

ID: 2286877

12. I’d like to pause and reflect that this:

ID: 2286886

Came from this:

*didn’t actually come from this.*

ID: 2287878

13. As did this little guy who just so readily walked through this world blind.

ID: 2286887

14. And this guy who has no idea what to do with any water bigger than a cup.

ID: 2286893

15. Oh, come ON, Golden. YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS.

ID: 2286898


ID: 2287747


ID: 2286912


ID: 2287085

19. I feel like this guy *almost* convinces me of evolution but…

ID: 2287131

21. And this guy who hasn’t learned HE CAN STAND UP.

ID: 2287158

22. Okay, I guess his cute factor has defended him against the elements…

ID: 2287167

23. Same deal with this guy. But you wouldn’t even be able to trust him to stand watch for two seconds.

ID: 2287172

24. This climber who, over time, forgot how to climb.

ID: 2287183

25. More appallingly is this gal would would not survive the forest her ancestors once lived. Sorry.

ID: 2287208

26. No one should be this obsessed with their balls.

You might be thinking, “Humans are no better!” and you’re completely correct.

ID: 2287211

27. After all this time, you’re telling me that an evolved being can’t understand 3D??

ID: 2287330

28. Or just anything to do with shapes and space and just being physically part of this world?

ID: 2287351

29. Okay, so lasers are relatively new to dogs, I’ll give them that. BUT WHY DOES HE EVEN WANT A LITTLE DOT LIKE THAT? WHY IS HE WASTING HIS TIME?

ID: 2287627

30. Oh and this guy being owned by a cat? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS NONSENSE, DOG?

ID: 2287392

31. Okay, I’l give this guy points for attempting to be brave.

ID: 2287394

32. But why would any highly evolved species allow this kind of behavior?

ID: 2287416

33. Or this accidental turtle.

ID: 2287420

34. I mean, this in general. I get it: anal glands. But this shouldn’t be a thing anymore.

ID: 2287593

36. And, okay, I’m sorry but this priss would probably get in a fight with a single fly and LOSE.

ID: 2287706

37. I don’t know what this is but it does not bode well for evolution.

ID: 2287754

38. This guy who I guess is trying a new way of catching his tail but WHY ARE YOU TRYING THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE, PETER?

ID: 2287710

39. You know who would never make this pre-sex burrito mistake?

ID: 2288054

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