21 Beautifully Bodacious Pugs

Pugs are the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

1. “This is, by far, my best angle.”

2. “Step back and admire my bodacious grace.”

3. “My tea cups and sweet bod? Don’t tell me you’re not impressed.”

4. “I call this pose…DELICIOUS PUGALICIOUS.”

5. “This is a bodacious only party.”

6. “Hey, you. Yes, you.”

7. “Oh me? This is just my natural pose.”


9. “My mantra: I am a bodacious bumble bee, I’m a bodacious bumble bee.”


11. “We met at a Voluptuous Convention.”

12. “Summertime is the best time.”

13. “I went blonde to highlight my assets.”

15. “No pants, no problem.”

16. “Nothing freer than chubs in the air!”

17. “Sometimes I pause and think: is it unfair for be to be this bangin’?”

18. “Welcome to Bodation Nation, population: two.”

19. “It’s okay, I know I’m fabulous.”

21. “BYE, HATERS.”

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