37 Animals Having A Worse Day Than You

You think your day was bad? Check out these animals.

1. This meerkat who just wanted to get the party started.

ID: 1228285

2. This cat who learned about cactus the hard way.

ID: 1227874

3. This dog who lost against this wall but mostly himself.

ID: 1227877

4. This cow who just wanted a treat.

ID: 1228148

5. And this guy who just wanted a better view.

ID: 1228153

6. Cows just have a really hard time with things, okay?

ID: 1228158

7. This dog who got eaten by blinds.

ID: 1228164

8. This mama duck who just can’t keep her kids together.

ID: 1227748

9. This cat who has been stuck up there for 4 hours.

ID: 1228916

10. This dog who forgot how to dog.

ID: 1228190

11. This dog who doesn’t know what’s happening but he knows it’s not right.

ID: 1228227

12. This dog who’s just thankful for the air holes.

ID: 1228280

13. This cat who didn’t realize how drunk she was.

ID: 1228514

14. This dog who hasn’t learned how to standup for himself.

ID: 1228876

15. This cat who came so close.

ID: 1228284

16. This dog who doesn’t know how he got here.

ID: 1228347

17. This dog who was tricked…again.

ID: 1228877

18. This dog who doesn’t want to tell you what happened when you left.

ID: 1228388

19. This cat who just found out her mirror is not a portal through time.

ID: 1228422

20. This tiger who just realized he will never be King.

ID: 1228498

21. This cat who just can’t have it all.

ID: 1229093

22. This pup who didn’t realize the gate was open in the first place.

ID: 1228507

23. This kitten who just wants to love.

ID: 1228739

24. These twins who think too much alike.

ID: 1228530

25. This dog who doesn’t understand how to fish.

ID: 1228509

26. This cat who’s gymnastics dreams were just crushed.

ID: 1228599

27. This turtle who still doesn’t know what freedom tastes like.

ID: 1228662

28. This dog who just got cut from the Ultimate Frisbee team.

ID: 1228664

29. This cat who just wants his dinner.

ID: 1228714

30. This cat who knew not her strength.

ID: 1228773

31. This dog who was just had by this cat.

ID: 1228798

32. This ape who thought he knew his friends.

ID: 1228788

33. This cat who wishes you would just replace the toilet paper.

ID: 1228837

34. This horse who will definitely be framed for murder.

ID: 1228873

35. These dogs who live in fear everyday.

ID: 1228919

36. This dog who can’t get no satisfaction.

ID: 1228933

37. But most of all, this dog who knows not why he offends.

ID: 1228896

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