29 Sock Rockin’ Dogs

Sometimes some nice soft socks are all a pup needs.

1. “Knee Highs toe the line between classic and fresh. Just like me.”

ID: 1418022

2. “I like getting home, putting on some nice fuzzy socks, and having some ‘me’ time”

ID: 1418053

3. “Whoever said socks are only for feet just hasn’t LIVED.”

ID: 1418054

4. “Sometimes I fall asleep wearing socks and I wake up and I’m all ‘WHAT IS THIS’ but then I remember lol lol I’m such a dog.”

ID: 1418070

5. “Wearing socks feels good and also helps me clean the kitchen.”

ID: 1418075

6. “Pink socks are a way for me to feel feminine, sexy, and fun.”

ID: 1418081

7. “Dude, have you ever smoked weed and then put on some socks? It’s like…oh my god. You have to try it.”

ID: 1418094

8. “I wear one sock as an homage to the late Michael Jackson. Doesn’t matter if it’s sock or paw, ammiright?”

ID: 1418098

9. “A lady isn’t dressed for a tea party without her socks.”

ID: 1418103

10. “Oh hey, Steve. Didn’t know you’d be home so early.”

ID: 1418110

11. “Mixin’ and matchin’ just suits me.”

ID: 1418143

12. “One cannot simply wear socks, one must be the socks.”

ID: 1418146

13. “I find socks are the best way to be Patriotic.”

ID: 1418863

14. “Oh why thank you. I do have dainty feet, don’t I?”

ID: 1418964

15. “Got my socks on, got my bone, now I wish you would leave me alone to enjoy my afternoon in peace.”

ID: 1418966

16. “I’m fuzzy so my socks should be too.”

ID: 1418969

17. “To be honest, I only wear these for modeling jobs.”

ID: 1418971

18. “When I wake up in the morning, the only thing that gets me out of bed is knowing this moment is coming.”

ID: 1419019

19. “I am ready for the Gala.”

ID: 1419061

20. “Thank you for waiting for me to put on my socks. Now we’re ready to gossip.”

ID: 1419065

21. “Yellow matches my cheerful persona.”

ID: 1419070

22. “Socks allow me to go deeper into my mediation practice.”

ID: 1419074

23. “I’m ready for school!”

ID: 1419086

24. “I love socks but I hate this style. Checks are so last season.”

ID: 1419183

25. “Yes, I know these look like elf shoes. It’s kind of what I was going for.”

ID: 1419266

26. “I cannot believe you aren’t even wearing any.”

ID: 1419316

27. “People say I’m dramatic but I just say I’m well-styled.”

ID: 1419189

28. “These socks? Oh I just picked them up down the street.”

ID: 1419333

29. “When you look good, you feel good and you know what? I feel GREAT.”

ID: 1419348

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