14 Animals To Fawn Over If You’re In A Cuteness Rut

We’ve all been there: You love your go-to cuties but sometimes it gets boring googling the same animals over and over. Whether you’re normally a cat, dog, or pig person, this quiz has got you covered.

  1. Do you like cats?
    1. Yes!
ID: 1934509
  1. Guinea pigs make you swoon?
    1. Um, duh!
ID: 1940575
  1. Dogs normally your jam?
ID: 1940246
  1. Hamsters make you squee?
    1. YES! But that’s normal-what else can I squee over?
ID: 1950244
  1. Adorable owls ruffle your feathers in the most adorable way?
    1. YES! But they’re everywhere now, what else would I like??
ID: 1950483
  1. You love yourself a hedgie??
    1. UM DUH
ID: 1951383
  1. Can't get over the cutie smile of the puffer fish?
    1. Yes! But my friends are getting me sick of talking about it!
ID: 1954462
  1. You just lovelovelove all little piggies?
    1. YES!!! But sometimes I want to talk about something more original!
ID: 1954894
  1. Are sloths more your style?
    1. Umm do I use the internet? The answer is: obviously.
ID: 1954938
  1. Love love love cows??

    (ESPECIALLY highland ones???)

    1. YES DUH but like, everyone knows cows are fantastic. What else could I faun over??
ID: 1958018
  1. Snakes have slithered their ways into your heart?
    1. Yes! And nobody gets it!
ID: 1955040
  1. Want to curl up with an adorable panda?
ID: 1955276
  1. Lambs make your heart go pitter-patter?
    1. Pitter patter? MORE LIKE THUMP OUT OF MY CHEST!
ID: 1955418
  1. Or are you normally more of a dolphin person?
    1. Yes! They are so smart and adorable!!
ID: 1956184
  1. Wish you could live in an aviary and be best friends with these kinds of creatures??
    1. YES!!! Wait can I? Please?
ID: 1957674
  1. Have elephants stampeded into your heart??
    1. Yes! They’ve left huge footprints on my impressionable heart. But sometimes a need a break…
ID: 1958128

15. Now that you’re out of your cuteness rut, go forth! Spread enlightenment! Enjoy your day!

ID: 1958187

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